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ConsultingBenefit from our experience

In tough market conditions our capability to customise both short and long term inputs to the full spectrum of business activities gives support where and when needed.

cementregister.com and its associated company Cement Consultancy Associates Ltd are experts in the field of cement and lime. They have acquired considerable experience in managing and coordinating projects for cement and lime manufacturing and its distribution and they are engaged in continuous cooperation with the world’s leading production machinery and equipment suppliers. It is in the role of Consultant that they can provide a comprehensive service to Clients setting up or extending a production plant.

Cement or concrete plantAdvisory teams are able to assess suitability of raw materials, define potential markets, confirm site selection and carry out investment appraisals. Project engineers can undertake design, equipment specification, tendering procedures, inspect machinery during manufacture and supervise construction and installation.

The extent of any assignment naturally varies on a case to case basis. Should Clients want to rely principally on their own resources, assistance can be provided by a small group of experts for consultation. In other situations it may be appropriate to assign us total responsibility from the feasibility studies through all stages of implementation to project completion.

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