cementregister.com - Plant Operating and Maintenance contracts

Two Construction Workers Working in Office at ComputersWe can supply suitably experienced individuals or teams of people for short or long term assignments under an operating and maintenance contract with a company wishing to operate under this arrangement.

CERCOMOur CERCOM subsidiary delivers this service. This type of arrangement has proved most suitable in several locations for new plant start-ups where the owner needs to establish market presence whilst in parallel training an eventual permanent local labour force.

cementregister.com sources well qualified and experienced personnel from Europe, India and other Asian countries for these contracts. O&M contracts are designed on a case to case basis but will generally include an agreed production or sales output together with possible cost and efficiency provisions.
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Key benefits of a CERCOM contract

CERCOM can provide a company with its know-how and experience for daily operation of its plant in:
  • Production management
  • Maintenance management
  • Quality control
  • Plant administration

and can cover the Commissioning and Start-up phase of a Plant and the future Operating years giving:

  • AContract Engineersdvice, assistance and training to manufacturing activities in the critical market entry period
  • Training of personnel for gradual take-over of the responsibilities for efficient and effective cement production
  • Optimisation to maximise output at minimum cost whilst ensuring the consistency and quality of production
  • The establishment of budgeting, accounting and administrative control systems for sound practice
  • Introduction of Management and Production & Maintenance systems

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